Potsdam, Germany

Whilst we were in Berlin, we took a cheeky day trip to Potsdam. We really can’t ever miss the chance to visit a World UNESCO site. Just half an hour from the capital and a few Euros, we boarded a double decker train to head on our way. We walked from the train station in Potsdam, which was a far old way and the outskirts of the city were very urban, but when we reach the centre, it felt like a world away from Berlin. We wandered the pretty tree lined streets, enjoyed the sculptures in the parks and admired the charming architecture.After lots of traditional German food in Berlin, we fancied something a little different. Potsdam, just as Berlin, had lots of different options – so we settled on Vietnamese. And boy, we are glad that we did as it was so fresh and delicious – the perfect antidote to sausages and potatoes!One thing we didn’t expect from Potsdam was the colour – even on the rather dark day that we were there, the pretty pastel buildings, parks and flora were stunning. We also found Potsdam to be relatively quiet, especially in comparison to the bustle of Berlin.We didn’t really have a plan for Potsdam, we spent out time walking, popping into little shops and taking lots and lots of pictures. We sat in the central square, watching the world go by. Even though it was a deeply overcast day, we were still very struck by the beauty of Potsdam. It was such a nice relaxing day and we’re so glad we took that train.